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4400 - Surround Sound For The Millennium
You'll feel like your really there! Like the sound of Airplanes racing by….ever wanted to be at a Nasa Shuttle Launch? Here an Orchestra tuning up….Love sounds, love surround….want to leave the everyday world and have a special treat….this is it!
If you love surround sound, and we assume you do if you're buying DTS items. This great piece was produced just to blow you away so to speak. "WARNING: TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN, SO YOU DON'T BLOW A SPEAKER.

This is a new DTS Surround Sound CD sealed in the original jewel case. This CD is in the DTS 5.1 format and you must have a DTS decoder or preamp to play this CD.

1. Wedding Party
2. Tennis Match
3. Auto Stunt/Crowd
4. Canadian Pacific Railroad
5. West Mt. Ice Storm
6. Buckhorn Creek
7. Steam Locomotive No. 765
8. Expo 86 Fireworks
9. NASA Shuttle Launch
10. NASA Shuttle Launch - (Add SR-71 Flyover - Add Sonic Booms)
11. Reno Air Races Flyovers
12. Survivor, The - Joey Curtin
13. Gospel Beginnings - Percussion 90 WVU
14. African Beat - West Africans WVU
15. El Camino Real - Wind Symphony WVU
16. Kung Fu - THe Mystic Moods
17. Ride The Sky - The Mystic Moods
18. Otchestra Tune-Up
19. Sibelius: Karelia Suite Op. 11
20. F-16's Takeoffs
Disclaimer: No returns will be made for not being able to play the cd because you don't have a decoder or preamp.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

NOTE: Items are not refundable
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