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Best known as a founding member of Toto, singer/guitarist Steve Lukather was born October 21, 1957, in San Fernando Valley, CA. He began playing in local bands while in high school; after graduation, he became a session performer on projects for Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Hall and Oates, and countless others.
DESCRIPTION "This album was recorded, on and off, over the period of March '93 to the mastering in November '93. It was cut 90% live, solos and all, with the exception of the vocals being overdubbed or an occasional keyboard part or guitar, percussion, etc. This was definitely a group effort with everyone putting their input and ideas into the songs. For those that have heard about the band "Los Lobotomys", this is pretty much it, intact. My thanks and love to all the musicians and writers on the record, for I could not have done it without you. Love to Fletch for the great sounds and ideas.

TRACK INFORMATION 1. Hero 2. Freedom 3. Extinction Blues 4. Born Yesterday 5. Never Walk Alone 6. Party In Simon's Pants 7. Borrowed Time 8. Never Let Them See You Cry 9. Froth 10. The Bomber 11. Song For Jeff 12. Red House

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