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5.1 DTS Music Disc
DTS Music Disc
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Studio Voodoo is an amazing electronic unification of diverse cultures, from Swahili bonfires, to operatic reveries, to flamenco passion plays... woven together by a thread of heart-throbbing techno-tribal beats. "This mix rips your head open" Mike Simpson (Dust Brothers). "Studio Voodoo is in my personal top-ten playlist" Stewart Copeland (Police). To it's credit Studio Voodoo won the Discus, Best DVD-Audio for Creative Excellence 2001, D

Acoustic guitar like you've never heard it before, in dts surround you can hear ever note & feel the guitar strings vibrate…This is very feel good stuff, when you listen to Mize play you're just transformed to another place and the value is….you feel great
Chick Corea pays homage to Bud Powell, the jazz pianist he credits as his most enduring inspiration. Remembering Bud Powell captures an exceptional grouping of individual musicians...
You'll feel like your really there! Like the sound of Airplanes racing by….ever wanted to be at a Nasa Shuttle Launch? Here an Orchestra tuning up….Love sounds, love surround….want to leave the everyday world and have a special treat….this is it!
PLEASE NOTE: $.45 HANDLING FEE APPLIES (Free Shipping: Choose free shipping from shipping options on last page of check out US) **International: Flat Rate $5.00 also choose from last page on check out Madonna's Producer & a performer on his own, you'll love Pat Leonard... Imagine an album of gliding, jazz-tinged fantasies, artfully delivered by a chamber ensemble of piano, cello and bass. Visionary pop producer/composer, Patrick Leonard blends his unique melodic sensibility into each of these subtle meditations... and the 5.1 mixes vividly expand the spatial dimensions of each message.
Global Beat is a powerful interpretation of the blending of musical influences from all continents, it takes you to another world. Impossible to sit still while listening to this one, you'll be delighted in the great feelings evoked by the sheer rhythmic beat…Makes you feel energized.
"Steel Rails… your there…you'll feel like the steam locomotives are going through your living room…Want some excitement, want to feel good, then this is a must.
A stunning 3-CD set packed full of dynamic location sonic events. From the shuttle launches to fireworks,war birds to locomotives, Marine Corps action to evironments,this set will truly exercise your surround sound system to the max.
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