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This album features the greatest hits from The Police's legendary career. Sting, Andy Summers, and Stweart Copeland released their first album in 1977. Taking the world by storm, the hits kept rolling out until their untimely breakup after the inspired Synchronicity (1983). Now for the first time, you can experience these timeless classics with the exceptional clarity of DTS 5.1 surround."

The classic American pop/rock band Orleans, formed in the early 70s and went on to top the charts with Gold singles "Dance with Me" and "Still the One". Recorded at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock in 1990, this "live" recording delivers Orleans singing and playing their well-loved songs at their energetic best. The original excitement and dynamics of this performance can now be fully experienced in DTS 5.1 Digital Surround.
Coming into musical prominence in the 1970's as pioneers of 'street funk', drawing their influences from James Brown, Miles Davis, George Benson and Sly and the Family Stone. Basing their appeal on heavy, insistent, hypnotic rhythms, rather than melody. 1972- 1977, The Ohio Players landed three consecutive platinum albums "Skin Tight", "Fire" and "Honey" .
STEVE MILLER: FLY LIKE AN EAGLE - Originally released in 1976, several of these "catchy" tunes continue to light up the airwaves decades later. Fly Like An Eagle may be the most complete and effective musical statement Steve Miller has ever made... and this surround mix adds a whole new dimension to his personal brand of eclectic rock & Rroll.
Bluesy, emotional and a perfect showcase for Clapton's legendary guitar stylings, this powerful work has been exceptionally remixed for the first time in DTS 5.1 Digital Surround.
Marvin Gaye was the definitive soul singer of his generation and the ultimate balladeer. Forever Yours collects his ballads, upbeat pop hits, suggestive lyrics and socially-conscious messages to form a truly precious Marvin Gaye collection. Presented for the first time in DTS 5.1 Digital Surround, the word that best describes Marvin's legendary voice is simply breathtaking. No music collection is complete without it
Award winning artist Joe Cocker has been making hit records since the 1960's, and Night Calls is no exception. Cocker continues his tradition of doing powerful reditions of popular songs, but putting a little more soul & spirit in his versions.
Originally produced in 1973 recorded Live in Japan with Jeff Beck, Tim Bogart & Carmine Appice…this album takes you back to another softer sweeter time & lets you re-live your wonderful memories from the 70's (Not the live version).
Herb Alpert offers up an exciting "urban Latin groove" with his trademark ability to blend hot Latino percussion, with thick drum-and-bass grooves and instinctive interludes. Once again, the passion of Alpert's music is inspiring and electrifying.
Edgar Winter continues to shine as that rare blend of successful rock if roller, experimental artist, and consummate musician. Always managing to defy stereo types You can't help but get energized by the listening experience.
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