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4421 - JEFF BECK "Beck, Bogert & Appice" DTS Music Disc
Originally produced in 1973 recorded Live in Japan with Jeff Beck, Tim Bogart & Carmine Appice…this album takes you back to another softer sweeter time & lets you re-live your wonderful memories from the 70's (Not the live version).
This wonderful CD was originially produced in 1973 recorded Live in Japan with Jeff Beck, Tim Bogart & Carmine Appice, if this is not in your DTS collection it is a must " Jeff Beck has won the Grammyfor 'Best Rock Instrumental Performance' for the track "Dirty Mind" from the album You Had It Coming!

With YOU HAD IT COMING, Beck's latest album during his three-and-a-half decades as an Epic recording artist, his name becomes tantamount to innovation, as the guitarist continues to experiment with modern, cutting-edge music This is a new DTS Surround Sound CD sealed in the orginal jewel case. This CD is in the DTS 5.1 format and you must have a DTS decoder or preamp to play this CD.

Who we are:We are 5.1 Marketing and Sales, which is part of the Brad Miller family of companies. Mr Miller is the founder of Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (MFSL) and under his HDS record helped to develop interest in 5.1 recordings. It is our intentsion to offer you a very comprehensive selection of DTS CDs, both through auction as well as our ebay store "5.1 Marketing and Sales" at affordable prices.

Tracks: Black Cat Moan Lady Oh To Love You Superstition Sweet Sweet Surrender Why Should I Care Lose Myself With You Livin' Alone I'm So proud

Disclaimer: No returns will be made for not being able to play the cd because you don't have a decoder or preamp.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

NOTE: Items are not refundable
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