Popular rock music usually a cross over between both.
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One of rock's most popular andirespected bands, R.E.M. opens another chapteriin its acclaimed history with Reveal, its first albumiin nearly three years. Riding theicutting edge andiyet still R.E.M. rock, moody yet more uplifting than 1998's gold-certified Up, Reveal isitheilatest musical revelation from R.E.M.
In 1988, REM were a cult on the cusp of major success. In 1992 they were somewhere close to being the biggest band in the world. In 2003, they're marginalised again, a middle-aged institution purportedly on the wane. Still, uninformed listeners to In Time might find it tricky to work out which songs come from which era. The 18 singles collected here in non-chronological order show a band that's operated at a terrifyingly high standard throughout the period, so that less lauded songs like "The Great Beyond" stand proud alongside the familiar anthems from the early 1990s.
5.1 DVD AUDIO/CD DUAL DISC American Beauty was originally released by Warner Bros. in 1970 and is widely regarded as one of the high points of the Grateful Dead’s long career. The album showcases the Dead’s acoustic side and growing confidence in their vocal abilities -- as well as some of lyricist Robert Hunter’s greatest songs. “Truckin’,” “Box Of Rain,” “Ripple” and others here soon became staples of the band’s legendary live performances
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