Pleasant music that is easy and relaxing to listen to.
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The hit music compilation series "Inside the Music," created specifically for DVD-Audio, features stunning six-channel surround sound. Songs: One Way or Another (Blondie), My Sharona (The Knack), Destination Unknown (Missing Persons), Eyes Without a Face (Billy Idol), She's a Beauty (The Tubes), So L.A. (The Motels), Girls (Dwight Twilley), Tenderness (General Public), Call Me (Blondie), Lunatic Fringe (Red Rider), Mexican Radio (Wall of Voodoo
Available for the first time on DVD-Audio. Cassandra Wilson like you've never heard her before...................the wonderfulness of her will surround you completly!
Olivia Newton-John returns to her country and western roots with this collection of pop-infused folksy ballads. Olivia truly shines on the self-penned opening track "Precious Love." And "Love Is A Gift" is another fabulous ballad that actually won a daytime Emmy award, even though it was never released. "
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